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    Flood water damage can strike at any time. No one has no control over natural disasters. Hence, precautionary measures and mitigation are critical preparedness steps.
    Broadly, there are two types of water damage: black water damage and gray water damage.
    Black water damage usually stems from raw sewage backup or flooding of the groundwater systems. Even the flooding of houses due to overflowing river streams, seawater, or ocean water is considered a potential source of black water damage. Therefore, black water damage doesn’t necessarily contain black water, it is simply a classification denoting the risk level of the water.
    Gray water damage occurs due to slump pump failure, a malfunctioning washing machine or dishwasher, and an overflowing toilet (without feces). So basically, gray water is water that is less harmful than black water.
    Regardless of the color of the water, both can be dangerous and displeasing. This is where our services at TN Flood Kings can be of help.
    TN Flood Kings brings to you black water cleanup and gray water cleanup services that can help remove the standing black or gray water from your house quickly and effectively.

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      Water Damage Cleanup

      Professional Water Damage Cleanup Services

      Black and gray water cleanup isn’t an easy job. While cleaning, one gets exposed to millions of bacteria and viruses that can affect skin, eyes, and eventually health. What is more, the odor from the black and gray water can cause nausea and vomiting. Thus, it is better to leave such work to professional water damage cleaners who can provide prompt and effective services with the right tools and techniques.
      TN Flood Kings provides professional water damage cleanup services during flood crises. Our professionals have got the necessary equipment, experience, and expertise that are required for cleaning up black and gray water.

      If You Have Standing Grey Or Black Water From Flooding, Contact TN Flood Kings

      Black water damage is the worst of all. Black water is contaminated water that contains human and sewage waste. It can cause severe health risks, both biological and chemical hazards that are difficult to deal with. For instance, E. coli and campylobacter can both cause serious damage to your digestive system. Inhaling black water odor can make you fall ill, too.
      But in no way does that mean that gray water is less dangerous than black water. Both are equally devastating and dangerous.
      Standing gray or black water from flooding can invite various other problems. Some of them are-
      • Damage to electrical appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and geysers.
      • Damage to wooden furniture, flooring, baseboards, and more.
      • Salvage carpets, tiles, and flooring of the house.
      • Mold growth
      • Chipping or bubbling of plaster on walls.
      • Staining of walls.
      • Fire due to damage to electrical systems.

      Thus, prolonged or extensive black and gray water damage can shake the structural foundation of the house and bring down your property value. It is both mentally and financially crippling.

      Now that you know how standing gray or black water can be dangerous, it’s crucial to act immediately once you’re hit by water damage. Remember, the more you delay, the more health and financial risks are involved.

      Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup
      Water Damage Cleanup

      Our Water Damage Restoration Process

      At TN Flood Kings, we follow a step-by-step approach to water damage restoration.

      Our cleaners visit your home and take a quick walkthrough of the entire site to identify the areas affected by flood damage and the extent of the damage. They check for mold growth on walls, absorption of water by carpets and wooden furniture, as well as closely inspect for broken and burst pipes, fecal contamination, and other such damages.

      Our specialist also identifies the natural source of black and gray water damage to ensure that water doesn’t keep flowing.

      They then categorize the water damage into three categories. These are clean water damage, gray water damage, and black water damage. 

      This is the initial step of our restoration process. It gives our specialists an idea about how to proceed with the process and helps them plan and strategize. After the assessment, they give a fair idea of the time required for cleaning as well as the restoration fee that will be charged.

      The next step of the restoration process is water removal. Standing water can continue to damage your property. It can damage the electrical system of the house, which can lead to a fire. Standing water can weaken grout lines and floors and ultimately affect the structural integrity of the house. The longer the water stands in the house, the worse the outcomes are.

      We use water removers like submersible pumps, truck-mounted vacuums, and portable wet/dry vacuums to draw out the water.

      Despite water removal, moisture may still prevail in the house. The damp walls, wet carpets, and swollen wooden furniture can aggravate the problems further. For instance, mold growth can spread all across the walls, the plaster of the ceiling may start to bubble, the hardwood flooring might buckle, and the smell that lingers even after water removal may make you feel nauseated. Thus, drying and dehumidifying are very crucial.

      At TN Flood Kings, we use industrially graded drying and dehumidifying equipment. The large fans dry out the entire house quickly and effectively. Our professionals use moisture detectors to measure the moisture content in the house before and after the drying and dehumidifying process.

      Once the property has been dehumidified, it’s important to now disinfect it to kill the harmful pathogens that may crawl on different surfaces (even on your body). This part of the process involves sanitizing the entire house to pin down all the bacteria and viruses.
      The final step of the restoration process is the actual restoration itself. During this stage, our specialists strive to restore your house to the condition it was in before your property was struck by a flood.

      Immediate water damage cleanup Is Critical

      Looking for immediate water damage cleanup? If so, then we have got you covered!
      TN Flood Kings provides water damage cleanup services that are quick and powerful. The moment you give us a call, our experts rush to your home or business site with all the necessary tools and technology. We provide emergency services that can keep you safe and dry.
      Gray water removal involves removing standing gray water from the house using pumps and vacuums. If gray water isn’t removed immediately, it will turn into black, filthy, and stinky water that causes serious infections.
      Black water extraction is also done using high-power pumps and vacuums that can extract all the standing black water. During the extraction process, our technicians wear gloves, masks, and eye protection gear to keep them safe. Sewage waste and other contaminated items are removed from the house to prevent further deterioration.

      A natural disaster, a leaking pipe, or any other factor may lead to gray water and black water damage. No matter what the reason is for the water damage, you should choose only TN Flood Kings for flood restoration and water damage cleanup.

      • We provide prompt and professional services.
      • We come to your rescue immediately after you contact us.
      • We’ve got a team of certified and trained professionals.
      • We offer cleanup and restoration services at a competitive price.
      • We offer a step-by-step process to remove the standing water from the property. We start with an inspection and end with restoration and repairs to give you a property that looks as good as it was before the damage.

      If you have been hit by flood damage, we understand what you might be going through. And thus, we provide an on-time response, especially in case of an emergency. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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