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    We go by the motto - Help First, Business Second.

    Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a flash flood or are trying to protect your carpets and furniture during a burst-pipe situation, you can reach out to us for help any time of the day or night.
    We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services and can work directly with your home insurance provider to get your life back on track without further hassles.
    We not only remedy the water damage but also offer expert advice on how to preempt potential structural and mold-related problems.

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      Water Damage Cleanup

      Our Water Damage Restoration Services

      Don’t let the flood water stay inside your property for too long.
      Water damage could happen due to multiple reasons, leading to mold growth, structural issues as well as safety and health risks. If the damage remains unattended for too long, it may be impossible to repair it.
      The real consequences of flood damage start to show after 48 hours, and the next thing you know, your furniture and carpets are covered in mold.
      Therefore, it is crucial to contact a certified water damage restoration expert immediately and keep the situation from going bad to worse.

      Our Restoration Process

      We specialize in water damage cleanup and restoration. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools necessary to recover your property from a flood disaster.
      Here’s how it works.
      Minimize Damage And Dry Quickly
      • We will remove the flood water from the property using powerful pumps and vacuums.
      • The entire space will be dried and dehumidified to minimize the risk of mold.
      • We will dispose of soft furnishings and appliances that are damaged beyond repair.
      Immediate, Powerful Action
      Flood water contains hazardous contaminants that can lead to various health issues. Also known as Category 3 water, flood water leaves rigid stains and stench, which are difficult to remove with a regular cleanup.

      Any delay in the restoration process will allow flood water enough time to wreak havoc on your property and destroy everything it touches.

      That is why we promptly respond to your emergency call-outs and arrive at your location to start the restoration process as soon as possible.

      Using advanced water extraction equipment, we can bring your water damaged furniture and damaged carpets back to life. In case the damage is irreparable, we will safely dispose of those items and make space for the new ones.

      Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup

      Types of Contaminated Water

      Contaminated water is classified into three primary categories. Let’s understand what these categories are:

      Category 1
      (Low Risk)

      Category 1 water contains a small amount of contaminants, and the source of flooding is usually a burst pipe, overflowing bathtub or ice melting.
      It is relatively easy and safe to remedy a category 1 water damage. However, if left untreated, Category 1 water can quickly deteriorate to Category 2 or 3.

      Category 2
      (Medium Risk)

      Also known as gray water, Category 2 water may come from an overflowing Dishwasher, Washing machine, Toilet or Water heater drain pan. Category 2 water carries hazardous contaminants that can cause mild-to-moderate health issues and must be treated as soon as possible.

      Category 3
      (High Risk)

      Also known as black water, Category 3 water carries toxic contaminants that pose severe health risks to humans and animals. The sources of category 3 water include but are not limited to sewage and floodwater from rivers and storms.
      Treating category 3 water damage requires a contamination barrier to keep the water from spreading into other areas of your property.
      At TN Flood Kings, we have the resources, skills and equipment necessary to tackle any kind of water contamination and restore your property to its safe, inhabitable condition.

      Call us immediately to schedule an appointment, and our experts will get to work right after giving you the cost and time estimates upfront.

      Why Call Us for Your Emergency Water Damage Restoration needs ?

      TN Flood Kings has been providing water damage restoration for several years. We are fully equipped to handle a restoration job of any size or scale – residential or commercial. If you are looking for a reason to choose us, we’ll give you five:
      • We provide 24/7 flood damage restoration services and even respond to emergency call-outs at the eleventh hour.
      • We are quick to get on-site and prevent further damage or a mishap.
      • All our experts are IICRC certified, which means you can expect the highest service quality at a fair price.
      • Our water damage technicians undergo ongoing training to stay current with advancements and innovations in the field.
      • We understand that time is the most crucial factor in disaster recovery, so it is important to act fast. No matter at what time of the day or night the flood strikes, rest assured that we are just a phone call away.

      Flood Damage FAQs

      You can reach TN Flood Kings via a 24/7 hotline or leave a message requesting a callback. Our experts will arrive at your location shortly after your call and assess the situation to give you cost and time estimates. Once we have your go-ahead, our experts will get down to work and restore your property to its former condition.
      You can reach out to TN Flood Kings for water damage restoration services if you live in Nashville or the surrounding areas. Our technicians will arrive at your location on the same day of your call and start the restoration work after a thorough damage assessment. Since the restoration work must be initiated within 48 hours of the water damage, TN Flood Kings is your go-to local service provider in the Nashville area.
      If it is the flood water that you need to clean up, always hire professionals for the job. Flood water contains harmful contaminants that should be removed efficiently to prevent mold problems and other health hazards. Our experts will disinfect and dehumidify the space to remove contaminants down to the last particle. Our team can also handle water damage from a plumbing failure, no matter how big or small.

      Basement flooding can lead to issues in the foundation and can damage your belongings. At the same time, the basement flooding poses a serious safety threat to occupants, and therefore, it is recommended to avoid trying to fix the situation by yourself unless you have formal training in this field. Here’s what you can do instead.

      Turn off the main power and secure your valuables to prevent further damage. If the flooding has happened due to a burst pipe, shut off the water valve. Vacate the basement and contact our technicians for damage control. We can come to you any time of the day or night. Just give us a call.

      Our water damage experts are IICRC certified and offer the highest level of restoration work. We will provide a price estimate and a reasonable project timeline upfront. Once everything is done and the equipment is packed away, we will inform you as soon as your house is safe for you to move back in.

      Our water damage restoration experts operate in an unobtrusive manner. In some cases, we can carry out the restoration work while you are still in the building. However, we will inform you of any safety risk beforehand so you can relocate to somewhere safe.

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