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    As a commercial or private property owner, protecting your investment is crucial. Whether you want to maintain a safe home for your family or keep business going, taking care of any type of damage to your property should always be a top priority.

    Unfortunately, you cannot control every circumstance. Accidents happen and they can harm your investment, making it a dangerous place to be. One of the most devastating types of damage occurs when there is a fire. Any number of circumstances can cause a fire on your property, from faulty electrical appliances to cooking to overused outlets.

    When you need fire damage repair services for your property, the right restoration company can make all the difference. Flood Kings Restoration has years of experience returning properties to their pre-loss condition after fire and/or smoke damage occurs.

    After first responders have done their job and the fire trucks leave, we are ready to step in and restore your investment with quality construction work and removal services.

    Flood Kings Restoration will offer you a free estimate so that you understand the value of our work and know what we can do for you.

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      Water Damage Cleanup

      Has Fire or Smoke Damaged Your Property?

      Fire is so dangerous for a building because of the level of damage it can cause in a very short time. Even if the flames are put out by you or the fire department very quickly, the ramifications could be severe for the structure and your personal belongings. So what are the ways that your property could be at risk?

      Structural Damage

      Fire is very harmful to the structure of buildings, particularly those with wooden frameworks and flammable building materials. It does not take long for the damage to be irreversible and the entire structural integrity to be compromised, making it dangerous for anyone inside.

      Smoke and scorch marks

      Even if the structure is sound, the property’s look will be affected. Smoke can leave discolored surfaces wherever it is collected, and scorch marks leave a black stain that is impossible to erase.

      Harmful Chemicals

      Even if the structure is sound, the property’s look will be affected. Smoke can leave discolored surfaces wherever it is collected, and scorch marks leave a black stain that is impossible to erase.
      Water Damage Cleanup

      Flood Kings Fire & Water Restoration Services

      When your property is damaged by fire, water, or storms, Flood Kings Water Restoration has the expertise, the equipment, and the team members to repair your property and save your investment. Our full list of restoration services for property owners in and around Nashville, TN includes the following.

      When your property needs fire damage repairs, our team can help with restoring the structural integrity of the building, whether that requires replacements or structural rehabilitation. The fire restoration process is necessary to preserve your property, ensure its safety in the aftermath, and return it to its pre-fire condition.

      Smoke can do a lot of harm to a building, especially if it is exposed for a long time. In that scenario, you would need smoke removal services to ensure the building is safe to breathe in again and that all soot residues are cleared. We can also do smoke odor removal to get rid of that nasty smell after a destructive fire and prevent cross-contamination. Biohazard cleanup is crucial for the safety of residents or workers on your property.

      It’s in our name. Not only will we do fire damage restoration, but water as well. Our team follows a thorough water removal process to ensure that all water damage is restored. Whether it was caused by a burst pipe, broken water heaters, a flood, or faulty appliances, Flood Kings Restoration will prevent further damage and make the structure dry again.

      In any type of incident that causes damage, either from fire, storms, or water, there is likely to be debris scattered around the affected area. Our restoration specialists will ensure that full debris removal occurs and that none is left behind that could present a danger to people on your property.

      Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we can clear your property of debris quickly and effectively.

      Why Choose TN Flood Kings?

      If you live in the Nashville area and are not sure who to turn to for your damage restoration needs, let us tell you why Flood Kings Restoration Should be your first choice.


      Our emergency services phone lines are open 24/7, meaning that when you experience an incident that requires restoration work, we can initiate the process promptly and find a solution as quickly as possible.

      That way, the damage from the actual fire, water, or storm can be minimized. When you call us, you will get an answer right away.

      Damage assessment

      Before we get to work, we need to know the extent of the problem. That’s why we conduct a thorough water, storm, or fire damage assessment to inform the restoration process. Whether we find minor repairs to make or an entire floor that needs reconstruction, our team will operate with full knowledge of the issue to avoid any mistakes.


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      Clear & Timely

      Throughout the entire process, Flood Kings Restoration is committed to open and honest communication with every client, no matter their needs. Although we are restoration experts, we understand that a successful project takes collaboration so we understand what your goals are for your damage restoration project.

      Whether you need smoke damage, water damage, storm damage, or fire damage restoration services, our project managers will stay in constant contact.

      Direct Insurance

      After an incident that damages your property, a lot of communication will happen between your insurance company and various parties. We intend to cut down on some of that unnecessary clutter to keep it off of your shoulders. That is why we will communicate with an insurance agent to bill your provider directly. No need to weigh down the insurance claims process with extra busy work for you.


      For your water, storm, or fire damage restoration in Nashville, TN, you deserve not only a team of competent restoration experts, but also top-notch equipment to save your property. Flood Kings Water Restoration uses high-quality tools to ensure the best repair process for your investment.

      Water Damage Cleanup

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      Don’t wait long to protect your investment from further damage after a fire, storm, or water incident.

      Reach out to the restoration experts who can handle the project from start to finish and guarantee a quality result.

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